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Discovering powers within, raising the vibrations and promoting the higher consciousness and awareness is my purpose and dedication to discover and open up the powerful amazing potential you have in you!


Bachelor degree in science.  

Master degree in Psychology.

Certified fifth dimensional quantum awareness & healer.

"For me, being a spiritual healer is a calling. My purpose is to be in service to you and make a positive impact  in this world. Im here to make a difference ."

About me 

Strong experience over 15 years  of practicing Transformational celebrity Healing sessions , Vedic Astrology ,Numerology and intuitive work all over the world, inspiring thousands of people as a transformational coach, I learn from the Gurus to to share Energy of love and light. I hold the intention to guide you to find your life purpose, discover the real you and love learn the secrets of happiness and fulfillment. Discover the powerful transformation of YOU and live your life to the fullest!


Saint-Petersburg State University                                                                                                                 

Masters Degree in Psychology / Social Work - Saint Petersburg State University

Russia  2001-2006

The New York Institute of Cognitive and Cultural Studies

Certificate   USA   2004 

Professional Recognition's and Honors

I'm consist with  American Psychological Association.

Certified past life reader and energy healer.

Certified fifth dimensional quantum awareness & healer.

Current celebrity transformational life coach and the only group leader for the international educational project of " Spiritual Psychology  of the Third Millennium"of Los Angeles, CA

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